Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Op Psychological Education for Optimal Long-Term Success!

MindPrep™ is a sequence of ten 30-minute videos for weight-loss patients, provided online by your practice, which shows your commitment to their success and includes many other benefits.

You get a customized, password-protected web page with:

  • All 5 pre-op and 5 post-op videos
  • Homework & quizzes for patients to complete
  • Your company's logo and branding
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All of Me

ALL OF ME: A story of love, loss and last resorts

ALL OF ME captures the personal stories of three obese women who turn to bariatric surgery as a last resort -- providing a wonderful overview of the issues patients must confront for a successful outcome.


“Its examination of obesity is serious, intimate and not at all sensationalistic…”

— The New York Times

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Pre-Surgical Videos

The five pre-op videos are designed to present to patients, in an optimistic and encouraging manner, the importance of preparing in as diligently a manner — both mentally and emotionally — for their surgery, as they are preparing for it physically.

Post-Surgical Videos

The five post-op videos provide patients with information related to commonly-occurring mental health and emotional issues that people encounter post-operatively. Patients are provided reassurance that many post-ops regularly experience similar thoughts and feelings.

Video Details
Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.

Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.

I have been working with pre- and post-op surgical weight loss patients for many years. MindPrep is a product resulting from my work philosophy: “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

As a group of dedicated professionals, we need to recognize that bariatric surgery is of limited value to our patients if they don't have a skill set containing healthy lifestyle behaviors, alternate coping skills and a positive mindset with which to use it. Hence, the necessity of MindPrep.

Dr. Stapleton Explains MindPrep

“Connie guides in a firm but fair manner, showing understanding, but telling it like it is. I will be ensuring that all my patients have access to MindPrep.”

— Dr. David Schroeder MBChB FRACS

“MindPrep is a must-have for any bariatric surgery program!”

— Amanda Hoon, MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian

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