MindPrep Video Quizzes

Click on the link below if your doctor has asked you to take the quiz for:

Pre-Op Videos
Pre-Op Video 1
Pre-Op Video 2
Pre-Op Video 3
Pre-Op Video 4
Pre-Op Video 5
Pre-Op Videos 1 through 3
Pre-Op Videos 2 through 5
All Pre-Op Videos

Post-Op Videos
All Post-Op videos


Fill in your first and last name. (Use the name that your hospital/doctor's office will use and recognize.)

Choose your hospital/doctor's office group name from the scroll down menu next to Group.

• You will find your group name in the link used to watch the MindPrep videos before the ".mindprepvideo.com." (Example: The link you use to watch the MindPrep videos is http://sample.mindprepvideo.com. The group name when you take the quiz will be "sample".)

If this is the first time you are beginning your test, click the "Start Test" button to begin.

*HINT: You will have the most success on these quizzes if you take them as you watch the videos or if you print out a hard copy of the quiz and write down your answers to the questions while you watch the videos, then use your answers to complete the quiz online.

To print out a hard copy of the quizzes click on the link below. You will need to print out both of them if your surgeon requires you to pass quizzes for the entire video series.

Printable MindPrep Pre-Op Quiz

Printable MindPrep Post-Op Quiz

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